Coming from a background as entrepreneurs and business owners, starting a typical agency was the furthest thing from our mind when creating LTV Digital.

Having worked with multiple agencies in our businesses, we’d felt a disconnect between the results we sought and the motivation driving most marketing and development service providers. We wanted to build something different. A marketing partner that acts more like a part of your business than an external service provider, working with you to achieve the results you need to succeed. A partner that is totally focused on building sustainable business results.

With this goal in mind we gathered the best players from the teams we’d worked with over years of entrepreneurial ventures and created our virtual agency.

At the core of our service offering are the values we espouse:

  • Integrity/Honesty – We treat your business like our own. We created LTV to be the marketing partner that we wish we had when we were running our own startup businesses. Including being up-front about situations where the business outcomes are not matching original intentions.
  • YOUR Customer is King – We always think from the customer’s point-of-view. Your customer is OUR boss too.
  • Elevate Data – Invest in data, make decisions via grounded information wherever possible.
  • Value the Team – You can’t scale it alone. And it’s a lot more fun with a great group of dedicated people! Including working with our clients’ teams.
  • Innovation and Agility – We operate in a fast-moving and dynamic marketplace. We want to help you keep ahead of the pack.

Whether you’re looking for specific software or marketing services or a partner to take your business to the next level, we’d love to hear from you.

Darren, Adam and the LTV Team.

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